Who We Are

We’re a group of cooks, creators, producers and purveyors; a handful of friends that have a passion for food and the community that surrounds it.  There’s a bit of everything in our background, but our common place is found in the kitchen; whether that be at the hearth or the table. 

We love the experience of enjoying a fresh piece of fruit on the farm, or pulling a loaf of sourdough out of the oven.  Our hope is to share that experience with you, and to showcase some of what brought us together.

Come down and find out!

Into the Belly of the Beast

Into the Belly of the Beast

A lifetime of culinary adventure meets 300,000 years of shared human experience. From the North Woods to the Wild West; the hearth is to us, a home.

THE prep-cook Max Nelson in his element, off the cuff… making things that make us happy.

The simple hearth of the small farm is the true center of our universe.

— Masanobu Fukuoka